Reasons for a Healthy Indoor Garden

Growing food in the city is popular all over the world. So, Britta Riley (Britta Riley) lives in a tiny apartment in New York. She invented a vertical garden on hydroponics. It takes up little space and brings a good harvest. About her innovation, Britta told TED. The following is stated by gardening experts at

In the West, if the product is labeled eco, bio or organic, this means two things. First, these products are grown, collected and processed in accordance with environmental standards, that is, without pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, growth stimulants and other “muck”. They were certified, and serious organizations guaranteed their quality. Secondly, bio-products are much more expensive than conventional ones.

In Ireland, the market for “pure food” is just beginning. The bio certification and control systems have not yet been formed. And the difference in prices between bioproducts and ordinary vegetables and fruits sometimes reaches up to 1,000%! Therefore, for us, the most eco, bio and organic – these are products grown by themselves.

But the villas and relatives in the village are not at all. What to do to the children of the urban, accustomed to seeing the potatoes washed and in the nets, and the greens – in vacuum packs? Grow vegetables and fruits directly on the balcony or windowsill.

6 reasons to build an indoor garden

You can pamper yourself with fresh, full of vitamins and vegetables all year round.

Saving. Vegetables and fruits are expensive, especially in winter. With the home, a garden will no longer have to adjust for the season (tomatoes eat plenty only in July, and apples – in September).

You yourself can grow a plant from a tiny seed, you can collect fruits. This is a creative activity, charging with positive energy.

You can improve your knowledge of biology, get useful skills and acquire an exciting hobby.

Your children will see how tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables grow, and they realize that they do not materialize miraculously in the fridge, their cultivation is a serious work.

You can surprise friends and acquaintances. Imagine how you will brag about the harvest, showing window “beds”. 😉

What you need to grow vegetables and greens at home

A place. Usually it is a window sill or a balcony. It is better if they go to the sunny side. If not, you will need lamps for additional lighting. If necessary, the window sill can be expanded or built racks for “beds” (the minimum distance between the shelves is 50 cm).

Containers. Plots for the home garden can serve as clay or plastic pots, wooden boxes. The main thing is that there are holes in the bottom for draining the water. It is recommended to put containers on pallets.

Priming. There are many soil mixtures for indoor vegetable gardens. As a rule, several layers are made: peat, compost, turf. You can prepare the soil yourself, but you can buy in a specialized store.

Seeds. Some varieties of tomatoes or cucumbers grow well at home, while others do not even grow. Therefore, before you do room gardening, you need to sit on forums, read articles on the Internet and find out what seeds to buy.

In addition, you may need fertilizers, fertilizing, a thermometer and a vessel for settling water (house plants are watered at room temperature, which is chlorine-free).